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We have solutions if your business is experiencing:  

  • Need for a larger team with the know-how of all the tools it takes to scale
  • Lacking in crucial scale Infrastructure
  • Losses In Essential Roles
  • Ready for Expansion yet don’t have the right team in place
  • Needs expert insight and planning

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What We Do

Now Answer Group, LLC is an experienced fractional business development consulting firm that helps develop and execute business strategies for growth while providing expert guidance, support, planning and teams well versed in key areas such as finance, branding and program builds. Now Answer Group has a fully stacked team to help implement done-for-you services including finance, accounting, media management and how to scale a brand by utilizing funding and media driven campaigns
with an expert support team.


  1. Expert Fractional Business Development Consultant that helps Empower business growth and success through top-notch Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Media PR.
  2. Now Answer Group helps eliminate the frustration and overwhelm business leaders feel with Strategies, apps and software and expert team to help reach those key monumental goals and milestones.

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Charity Brown and Now Answer Group Guide Entrepreneurs through the Minefield of Various Business Challenges.

Now Answer Group Helps Create Giants in the Business World.

Charity Brown’s Now Answer Group Prepares Classic Entrepreneurs for Greater Heights.


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Now Answer Group has helped hundreds of businesses become some of the best players in their respective fields through relevant and valuable insight and implementation.