3 Tactics to “Be” More Intentional on Social Media

Social media ideas to intensify your marketing campaigns

by Now Answer Group on May 2, 2019

Think back to the pre-internet phases of business promotion. How did companies market their businesses? Newspaper, billboard, faxes, paper ads (just to name a few) were used to grab future client’s attention.

When the use of search engines took off in the early 00’, it completely changed the game of marketing. Business owners needed to ultimately modify their campaigns- and fast! This caused an advertisement wildfire! More businesses were participating in online ads, which generated an aggressive marketing environment.

Although, the previously mentioned methods of marketing are still prevalently used, one of the most powerful ways to market your business is on social media platforms. Having the internet so readily available creates a competitive tsunami effect. Your business needs to stand out online, above the other businesses in your industry. But how?

The following are 3 concepts to get your business a powerful social media presence.


Stand out! Your business needs to offer something that others don’t. Yes, it’s a great idea to follow a formula that works effectively for your business, but it’s a Imperative to think outside the box and try something new.

Are you only scheduling posts Mondays and Thursdays? Mix it up and post various days and times.

Are you sticking to solely posting information about your business/product? Try posting celebratory “holidays”, e.g. National Pancake Day, National Truffle Day, etc. to boost engagement.


Often, business accounts are too salesy and forget they’re marketing to real people. ALL of their posts is in regards to selling you something. This is a great way to quickly lose followers.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who only talked about themselves? Everything from how amazing their family is to how beautiful their cat is to how large their car is. What did you think and/or feel? More than likely it felt a bit one-sided, right?

The same goes for Facebook. Instagram, etc. Talk with your audience, not at them. It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason- you need to be social in order for the campaign to adequately work.


Great! You’ve started posting to reach real people with real needs, now what? Well, you’ll need to interact with your audience by replying or reacting to posts once potential clients/customers comment on your page and photos. Don’t forget about your DM’s- people need answers. It’s terrible feeling ignored.

Little changes to your presentation can make a huge difference. Make changes today and ask us if you need help. We are here for you!

Remember- be bold, be real, and be active. And be YOU!

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