3 Ways How Women Can Help Each Other in Business

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3 Ways How Women Can Help Each Other in Business

Supporting other business owners

Woman Business Owner

  by Now Answer Group on May 13, 2019   Starting a new business takes years of planning, dedication, perseverance, etc. The struggle is even more challenging for women business owners. There are pay wage differences, increased sexual harassment issues, balancing responsibilities with home/work life, and more. We have come a long way with equality and we still have more work to do. As a woman business owner, you’ve overcome a lot to get where you are. You have received a much respect from family and friends, but do you feel as though sometimes you are misunderstood or unrelatable? Although family and friends are supportive, no one really understands the stressors of business ownership. Here are some ideas to remind women their power as business owners:

Start a female lead business owners group

Women are powerful. A group of women is magical. Let’s face it- no matter how much you discuss business related issues to family and friends, most don’t really understand the struggle. They don’t understand what really takes place in order to own a business, much less have that business run smoothly. Having support with other relatable women will make a huge difference in maintaining a clear head to better focus on your business. Group Women

Be a resource to other women owned businesses

Often times, teaching topics to others is a powerful tool to help you master what you’re teaching. It’s also a great way to connect with other owners and encourage them as well. Learning is defined as a change in behavior. When you do something out of your norm, you’re more likely to remember it. Repeating that becomes a habit and that habit will become mastery. Don’t stop learning! Teacher

Work with your coach/counselor

Being a woman owner herself, Charity knows how difficult it is running a business. Owning several herself, she knows how to relate to issues in business and how to troubleshoot those issues. An important thing to remember is your coach/counselor is on your team. She wants you to succeed and she is cheering you on along the way! Working with her will be a tremendous help! One on One   Empower other women and help each other! We are not alone out there.     Let Charity Brown coach you in meeting your accounting and marketing goals. Questions? Contact her today to get started! Have questions for Charity? Get answers today! THIS WEEK’S TOP STORIES  
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