Are you a business owner, or have a dream to become one?

If yes, this might be for you!

Hello its me Charity Brown,CEO of Now Answer Group . I want to invite you for a free strategy session to see if I can provide you with answers to any areas in your business that may be causing you pain points. You can trust me, I know the struggle and I know you can overcome all with the right tools and support. I have had the pleasure to work with 100’s of business owners and high level executives building teams and world class systems. Focusing in: Financial reporting & streamlined Accounting & Bookkeeping, Social media marketing tools , e-commerce builds, personal branding, businesses campaigns & start ups.

As the CEO of Now Answer Group, it has been a huge goal of mine to be able to share this expertise with as many people in business as possible, from seasoned veterans to those just starting up.
I know I can provide solutions to those complicated areas and help develop value across the board. I want to influence and support all business owners and CEO’s grow their business and facilitate resources to help encourage growth and development.

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I am grateful and excited to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and scale their business while seeking knowledge and constant growth and empowerment. I haven't always felt empowered ! I have worked a lot on being the best in my field as well as working on personal growth in regard to health , fitness and emotional mastery. Along with being the best mother I can be. I have been devoted mother and my daughter is the joy of my life even at 20. My business and professional life is a results of hard work and many years of sacrifice along with education> It was not easy and it is not luck when you obtain a triple degree and business ownership and great relationships along with the secret tools that create a better life. It is all the result of working hard and never giving up on my dreams and goals. I believe in God and my higher power and have seen miracles and practice to live a life that is fair and just that governs all. I’m grateful to have such wonderful colleagues and business professionals along with family and friends who have helped me overcome hardships and progress to higher grounds . I want to give back and help people build their business along with their dreams and mindset . It takes a combination of things to get it right !

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