FREE Business Strategy Session!

Now Answer Group & Now Consultants partners with NOW CFO and we are proudly offering you a chance of getting a FREE professional business consulting session with our respected advisers in financial / accounting and marketing development.  You can discuss the following topics:

  • Business strategies

In this session, we can discuss any business strategy, which business strategy that you have implemented and why it didn’t work or what is working and how to streamline. Our advisers will help you to define and formulate a high-level plan for your business objectives.

  • Company’s growth and business development

We can help you summarizing your ideas and initiatives to create a long-term value for your company, exploring your customers, markets and relationships to make your business better. Brainstorming every possible opportunity that you might have to grow and expand.

  • The company’s challenges and how to handle them

Do you have obstacles that prevent your business from succeeding and limit your success? How to change challenges into benefits and how to overcome them? How to change weaknesses into the company’s strengths?

  • How to make more profit with the same revenue

Learning the difference between profits and profitability, we will guide you to discover any possible actions that you can do to maximize your profitability with the same revenue.

  • How to push for more revenue via social networking and media marketing

Earning more revenue using social media is possible, here we will share the clever ways for you to drive new revenue, acquire new customers using the power of social media marketing. We will guide you to step-by-step of the social marketing strategy that works for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us and schedule your free one-time business consulting session immediately. Sign up by using this form

We are Financial & Marketing professionals with 38+ years of progressive accounting and marketing experience!


I am grateful and excited to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and scale their business while seeking knowledge and constant growth and empowerment. I haven't always felt empowered ! I have worked a lot on being the best in my field as well as working on personal growth in regard to health , fitness and emotional mastery. Along with being the best mother I can be. I have been devoted mother and my daughter is the joy of my life even at 20. My business and professional life is a results of hard work and many years of sacrifice along with education> It was not easy and it is not luck when you obtain a triple degree and business ownership and great relationships along with the secret tools that create a better life. It is all the result of working hard and never giving up on my dreams and goals. I believe in God and my higher power and have seen miracles and practice to live a life that is fair and just that governs all. I’m grateful to have such wonderful colleagues and business professionals along with family and friends who have helped me overcome hardships and progress to higher grounds . I want to give back and help people build their business along with their dreams and mindset . It takes a combination of things to get it right !

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