The 5 W’s to Wowing Your Audience

by Now Answer Group on May 9, 2019

Julia McCoy (CEO of Express Writers) has said, “Consistency is key. Whenever you start, give your audience something to look forward to.”

How often do you post on social media? What do you post? More importantly, who do you gear your posts to?

It’s not enough to just post on social media. The majority of what you’re posting should be completely with purpose and pizzazz!

So, tell me- when you’re talking to close friends does everyone in the conversation equally interact with each other? Or is one single person just talking the entire time about their kids, cat, new car, upcoming vacation? If the later is yes, you lose interest pretty quick, right?

The same thing goes for social media! No one wants to constantly be a part of one sided conversations. There’s one thing we can guarantee; you will lose followers if you solely talk about yourself! Ask questions, be genuinely interested in the lives of others, use humor, etc. Engagement is the key.

The following are the 5 “w’s” to help you connect deeper with your audience via social media ads/posts:

Who is your audience?

Before we think about what to post, we will start with who are we posting to. The awesome part about being specific when interacting with your audience is that you get to speak with them differently. By adding interests when setting up ads, you get to control exactly who you market to.

Set the tone for your audience and don’t forget they are real people! You can also set your audience settings based on likes, interests, and so on. Be nice, have fun, and don’t oversell!

What is your motive?

After writing your ads/posts, think to yourself, “What do I need my audience to feel and what do I want them to do?” Copywriting is simple- explain a problem, create a feeling, and tell the customer what to do in order to find the solution. Don’t forget to use a clear call to action!

When are you posting?

You have probably learned that scheduling posts is a godsend! Posting content to the right people at the right time is vital. Viewing your ads manager, you can see the most reached post, post type, date and time posted, and much more!

Where are your ads/posts being seen?

It’s important to know which posts are reaching more, who is liking your posts, what Identifying your target audience, then create posts that are related to each demographic or psychographic. Again, using ad manager is a huge helper!

Why are you sharing?

Stop. Just stop sharing, unless it’s your own content. It just promotes other people’s businesses. Yes, there may be exceptions to this rule, but for right now, only post your own thoughts, ideas, videos, etc.. Originality is awesome- use your own content.

Posting on your page is amazing when people who you want to interact with want to interact with you back! Keep going and be consistent!

Remember- be bold, be real, and be active. And be YOU!

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