The ABC’s of Problem Solving Accounting Related Pain

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The ABC’s of Problem Solving Accounting Related Pain

Three simple ways to relieve accounting issues
Accounting Pic 2.jpg by Now Answer Group on May 30, 2019   Anyone who’s had a cavity knows they are a pain. Literally. But when did you discover you had a massive issue? Did you wake up one day and POOF you had a cavity? More than likely, decay was gradual. The same goes for an untidy accounting department. More often than not, the most painful issues have been creeping up and growing inch by inch, until you can no longer handle the “pain’. Here are some basic tips to get the fire your accounting department contained.  

Align your desk

In short- get organized! Heidi Leonard said, “Stop waiting for the perfect time to get organized. Take this moment and make some progress.” Being disorderly can aid in feeling a loss of control. It’s overwhelming, stressful, and will simply set you back in business. Utilizing QuickBooks, Zoho Office Suite, FreshBooks and more will help you clean up the chaos. Working with an assistant is an option as well. Desk

Be open to change

There’s always something that comes up in life unexpectedly- the same goes for business. Realistically, you can’t foresee all obstacles, but remaining balanced in heart and mind will get you through the process. Put down all unwillingness to go with the flow and fill your mind with ways to make the best out of what’s changing. After all, it’s inevitable. Change

Care to manage cash flow

It happens often- business owners underestimating the importance of mismanaged documents. This could occur by keeping improper balances or not following through on accounts receivable/payable. Remember, you have finished a service and have the right to collect payment for providing that service. Need help? There are many bookkeepers, accountants, and business consultants you can hire to help distinguish the fire. Cash Charity Brown’s unique experience in business ownership, management, and productivity makes her a valuable voice while assisting business owners how to work around various issues.   Let Charity Brown coach you in meeting your accounting and marketing goals. Questions? Contact her today to get started!   Have questions for Charity? Get answers today! THIS WEEK’S TOP STORIES  
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