Ways to Write Dynamic Copy for Social Media Ads

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Ways to Write Dynamic Copy for Social Media Ads

Copy tips for Facebook and Instagram ads Social Media Blueby Now Answer Group on May 23, 2019 If you have a social media account for your business, you understand the struggle of constantly creating new and engaging content for your posts. You may have a method to writing posts, but are they purposeful and straightforward? The following are 3 tips to make the most out of your social media ads and posts:

Write clear and to-the-point instructions

A good tip to remember when creating ads and posts for your social media is to define a problem, create an associated feeling to that problem, then explain a simple solution. It seems easy, but can be quite challenging constructing new content. Writing informational posts are fine once in a while, but the majority of your posts should be deliberate in order to produce results. Make it short, sweet, and relevant. Crystal

Create a feeling

You provide a product or service that people need. They have a negative feeling when they do not have/own what you’re offering. When writing your ads, be sure to define this feeling. Are you in the car industry? Make sure your posts spells out the resolution of feeling hassled and inconvenienced by not owning a vehicle.The struggle is real, you understand that struggle, and you have what they need to alleviate their agony. Happy

Tell your viewers what to do

So, you’ve created a clear objective for your post and induced a feeling, now what? Often, this is where the ball gets dropped. If you don’t have this piece, your post becomes solely informational and no one will take the most important step- becoming a customer/client before it’s too late. Make sure you have a call-to-action. Some examples are- limited time, schedule now, don’t wait, come in today, etc. Short, simple, successful! Viewers Creating spectacular copy takes work and following a similar formula is helpful. You can either hire a marketing company, freelance copywriter, or continue to write it yourself. Whatever you decide, we are here to support you and give you resources to assist in increasing your marketing goals. Let Charity Brown coach you in meeting your accounting and marketing goals. Questions? Contact her today to get started! Logo Have questions for Charity? Get answers today! THIS WEEK’S TOP STORIES
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